My husband threw out all of my diet food – he said he did it to help me’


A woman has asked Reddit users whether she was in the wrong for getting mad at her husband after he threw away all of the food she’d just bought for her new diet plan

A “controlling” husband has been slammed after he threw away the food his wife bought to help her lose weight.

The 29-year-old woman explained that she’s struggled with her weight her whole life.

Growing up, she said that her parents worked “crazy hours”, which was why all she and her brother could eat was junk food and why as a result, she weighed over 220lbs.

After college, she decided to make a concerted effort to lose weight. She joined a gym, started eating better and over time managed to successfully lose a lot of weight.

Eager to keep the pounds off, she took advice from a friend who suggested she sign up for a meal plan that provided specially made meals to help her with her goal.

“The plan is not cheap, but I do feel that a structured diet is best for me. When we go out to eat, I do order a meal that I enjoy,” she wrote in an anonymous Reddit post.

And everything seemed to be working out well until her husband stepped in.

“My husband tried one of the dinner meals and found it to be disgusting,” she said.

“He thinks that I am just wasting money on the food and could save money by purchasing meals from the store.”

Then one evening, she came home from work to see one of the meals in the bin.

When her husband came home from work, she angrily confronted him and told him that he should not have thrown away good food.

But he was adamant that he was helping, as he told her: “I did a good thing for you.”

Reddit users were shocked by the man’s actions and were quick to condemn him.

One person said: “Hmmm woman starts losing weight, making progress, improving themselves and eating healthier. Husband gets jealous/insecure and reacts in toxic controlling ways?”

Another wrote: “Him throwing out food is a way to save money? Lmao what a display of logic…”

A third commented: “Why are you with someone who neither respects your choices nor your property?

Someone else put: “He does not have a right to throw them just because he doesn’t like the taste!”